What Does it Mean to be a Certified Green Business?

by Lana Sands on Feb 10, 2024

What Does it Mean to be a Certified Green Business?

Being Certified Green as a business means that the company has undergone an evaluation process to demonstrate its commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. Green Certification is typically awarded by third-party organizations such as, Green Business Certified California, that assess businesses based on specific environmental criteria. The certification signifies that a business has taken measurable steps to reduce its environmental impact, promote sustainability, and adopt eco-friendly practices.

The specific requirements for Green Certification can vary depending on the certifying organization, but common areas of evaluation may include:

Energy Efficiency: Businesses are often assessed on their energy consumption and efforts to improve efficiency. This may involve using energy-efficient appliances, adopting renewable energy sources, and implementing energy-saving technologies.  For example: We also use LED lights and minimize our energy consumption.

Waste Reduction and Recycling: Green Certification typically considers a business's waste management practices. This includes efforts to reduce waste generation, increase recycling rates, and properly dispose of or repurpose materials. For example: We are a paperless small business, with the exception of our recycled paper bags and recycled shipping materials. 

Water Conservation: Evaluation may focus on a company's water usage and conservation efforts. Implementing water-saving technologies, optimizing water consumption, and reducing water waste are often key criteria.  For example: When we produced our eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear collection, Sands Swim, we made the decision to use a digital print instead of a wet print saving tons of water waste. 

Sustainable Sourcing: Businesses may be assessed on their procurement practices, looking at whether they source materials and products sustainably. This includes using eco-friendly and responsibly produced raw materials.  For example: We are a paperless small business, with the exception of our recycled paper bags and recycled shipping materials. Sands Swim, our in house swim brand, is made with 100% recycled Italian fabric.  When buying for the boutique we make sure that the majority of products and clothing sold is eco-friendly and made sustainably. 

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Certification may involve an assessment of a business's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes initiatives such as carbon offset programs, transportation efficiency, and emission reduction strategies. For example, we do not print receipts at our store.  The clients have the option to be emailed or text messaged a receipt for proof of purchase. This reduces our carbon footprint and our commitment to being as paperless as possible. 

Green Building Practices: For businesses with physical facilities, certification may involve criteria related to green building practices. This includes using environmentally friendly construction materials, optimizing energy use within buildings, and promoting indoor environmental quality. For example: At Sands Boutique we use locally sourced non-toxic, environmentally safe, cleaning products which can be found at places like Mission Refill in Goleta, California. 

Employee Engagement and Education: Businesses may be evaluated on their efforts to engage and educate employees about sustainable practices. This can include training programs, awareness campaigns, and incentives to encourage environmentally responsible behavior. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a green certified business! We will direct you to the right person to help you and are so happy you have chosen to go green! 

Compliance with Environmental Regulations: Green Certification may require businesses to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations. This ensures that certified businesses are not only meeting industry standards but also adhering to legal requirements.

Certification can be awarded at different levels, indicating the extent to which a business has met the established environmental standards. The process often involves a comprehensive audit or assessment by a third-party organization, and businesses may need to meet certain criteria and provide documentation to support their green initiatives. Green Business Certified California is a wonderful resource. Direct message us for more information or go to their site at Green Business Certified California

By achieving Green Certification, businesses can communicate their commitment to sustainability to consumers, employees, and the broader community, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally responsible business landscape.  Not to mention you become part of an amazing community of businesses that share the same values and passion for sustainability and the environment like Sands Boutique.